Daily horoscope of the zodiac signs June 09, 2022

Aries (21/03 – 20/04)
It is important to be tolerant and patient. The tense aspects that the Moon establishes with Jupiter and Mars can highlight the irritability-prone phase in relationships, triggering conflicts. Try to contain yourself emotionally so that your reactions don’t become reasons for fights.

Taurus (21/04 – 20/05)
Try to adopt an impartial stance in the face of setbacks to make rational and sensible decisions. Seek to negotiate, rather than impose. Challenges linked to everyday life are present in the face of lunar tension with Jupiter and Mars, leaving you prone to impulsive reactions.

Gemini (21/05 – 20/06)
Try to be more discreet about your opinions and avoid reacting if provoked. Seek to choose to engage in introspective activities. Social conflicts can surface with the Moon tensioned to Jupiter and Mars, fueled mostly by intolerant and competitive postures.

Cancer (21/06 – 22/07)
Try to relax your stance and be open to negotiations. Try to value rest to relieve stress. Authoritarian postures tend to hamper family life and the progress of actions that depend on collective articulation, as the lunar tension with Jupiter and Mars alerts.

Leo (23/07 – 22/08)
Try to get off the defensive and avoid giving ready answers, as the quality of the moment involves the need for consideration. Aggressive and intolerant postures can surface in this phase of lunar tension with Jupiter and Mars, so arguments and fights tend to occur.

Virgo (23/08-22/09)
You need to weigh the pros and cons of situations and avoid getting into debt. Beware of territorial disputes in relationships! Finances tend to be at risk in the face of lunar tension with Jupiter and Mars, which predisposes you to unnecessary spending and investments without proper maturation.

Libra (23/09 – 22/10)
Beware of situations that arouse competitiveness, as they tend to become reasons for fights. Your emotional needs can clash with antisocial attitudes in relationships, as the lunar tension with Jupiter and Mars suggests, so you need to cultivate discretion.

Scorpio (10/23 – 11/21)
You have to be careful, as pushing your limits tends to pave the way for accidents and illness. The Moon transits in tension with Jupiter and Mars, and may suggest moments of emotional and physical fragility that demand a moderate pace in the face of demands and rest to restore energies.

Sagittarius (11/22 – 12/21)
Try to act with caution when dealing with situations involving everyday groups. The social environment can be subject to friction with the tension that the Moon forms with Jupiter and Mars. Try to exercise your diplomatic skills and also reduce public image exposure.

Capricorn (22/12 – 20/01)
Try not to let yourself be pressured by an imposing environment, exercising your diplomatic and management skills. Given the lunar tension with Jupiter and Mars, everyday life can prove to be exhausting. It is important to have a greater sense of organization and priority, especially to reconcile your demands.

Aquarius (21/01 – 19/02)
Try to demonstrate emotional balance and arguments based on reliable sources, without fueling controversy. Ideological differences tend to surface with the Moon in tension with Jupiter and Mars, which opens the way for conflicts, so it is advisable to act discreetly.

Pisces (20/02 – 20/03)
It is important not to let emotional shortages make you spend, in order to affect the budget. The Moon transits in tension with Jupiter and Mars, which may highlight the need for a temporary withdrawal of forces, as a strategy to structure future actions.