Leo 08-11-2022 – My Horoscope

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Horoscope Today

Reassess the situation in different ways and try not to keep silent about what you really think. You need to assert yourself psychologically. Resume some non-physical leisure activity, it will be excellent for you to restore your energies. You will be lighter and more relaxed and this will be excellent for smoothing out a conflict.

love horoscope

if you have someone

Love and honor will walk together as brothers today. Allow your partner to make the most of it together with you. Take it easy and try not to spoil him too much, you’ll soon be in for a pleasant surprise.

if you are single

Allow other people to get close to you. Soon you will be able to recognize a new and intense love. Don’t let people walk away from you.

career horoscope

Avoid contact with people charged with negative energies so that they do not drain your positive energy. Think better about your goals. Your honesty and transparency may cause you some confusion today, don’t give up and try to think more clearly that things will naturally return to their rightful place.

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“It is not the strongest that survives, nor the smartest, but the one that best adapts to change.”

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