Sign Sagittarius 2022-12-23 – My Horoscope

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Sagittarius horoscope sign

horoscope today

The day will be exhausting physically and mentally, so take care of yourself. Don’t take work and other people’s problems into your home. Maybe they need your help today and you should help, but remember to protect yourself as much as possible. When you’re home, take a hot shower and sleep snug in your bed, the night will be invigorating and surprisingly tomorrow you’ll wake up better than today!

love horoscope

if you have someone

You are lighter and more relaxed than usual and this brings you happiness, so now is the time to explore your passions and enjoy them fully. Resist the urge to lean on your partner and recharge your batteries at will!

if you are single

The moment is ideal for you to follow your hobbies, enjoy the lightness that hangs on your shoulders. Doing things that make you happy is ideal to recharge your energy before going after a new love.

career horoscope

You’ll have a chance to prove your skills and prove your worth, so don’t let it pass you by. Your superiors will notice your effort and potential, which will reflect very positively on you in the future. Your career will most likely go on the rise, it just depends on how you manage it.

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“Sensuality is a perfume that comes from within and the attraction that really moves us does not only pass through the body…”

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