The 3 Most Disobedient Signs in Every Horoscope

You know that person who doesn’t even go wrong? Well, the world is full of these people and astrology can help us understand this rebellious temper that some people awaken without warning. That’s why we list the 3 most disobedient horoscope signs and we want to know: is yours in this ranking?

The most naughty zodiac signs


Aries ranks first among the signs when it comes to impatience. Being very dynamic and with an enviable enthusiasm, he doesn’t waste time with long subjects, which makes him very stubborn. Pride and selfishness go hand in hand with Aries, waiting for the right moment to explode.


There is no one here, the king of stubbornness is Taurus. Taurus can have many qualities, but once they get an idea into their head, it’s gone, no one can take it anymore. Being observant and determined, natives of this sign believe they know everything.


Aquarius is considered the most primitive of the zodiac signs. With his fertile imagination and his visionary vision of the world, he ends up questioning everything and everyone without hesitation. As individualism is his forte, rebelliousness and stubbornness gain body and voice, showing a personality that cannot stand to follow rules – which is why he is one of the most disobedient signs.