Unfaithful signs of the horoscope

Unfaithful signs of the horoscope

We will show you below the most unfaithful signs of the horoscope based on astrology

Capricorn (0%) – The least unfaithful. Loyal and faithful, he takes his relationships seriously and dedicates himself entirely to his partner. This sign has no vocation for adventures.

Virgo (5%) – Responsible and loyal fulfill their obligations without complaining to the ones they love. When they’re in a serious relationship, they can’t share attention.

Cancer (10%) – Dedicated lovers are usually conservative and don’t like to deviate from the norms. They want solid and perfect relationships.

Taurus (20%) – Extremely attached to the security and stability of their relationships, they hardly betray. They don’t trade the solidity of a relationship for fleeting adventures.

Libra (30%) – The most romantic of the zodiac idealize and put everything in their partner. The fact is that they don’t know how to be alone and if they don’t feel reciprocity they look for new opportunities to live love.

Sagittarius (40%) – Independent and free do not like imposing relationships or imposing limits. They are averse to demands and are very easily interested in new adventures.

Aquarius (50%) – Very detached and worshipers of what is different, they see flirting slips as unimportant. They value freedom and love without prejudice and ties.

Leo (60%) – Very exhibitionist and vain likes to be courted and if that doesn’t happen, he can look for someone who makes him feel the center of attention. They often need self-affirmation.

Gemini (70%) – Like mischievous and curious children, this sign likes new adventures and new emotions. Geminis are full of contatinhos and always love more than one at the same time.

Pisces (80%) – The most needy of the zodiac is desperately looking for someone to love and be loved. Because of insecurity and a mind that likes to fantasize, he prefers to have several so he is never alone.

Aries (90%) – Fire sign always has vitality and wants to live with passion. But just as you are interested in someone, you are also disinterested. They are very flashy and live looking for strong emotions.

Scorpio (100%) – The most unfaithful. It is the sign that represents desire, sex and passion. If you don’t have sex and date, you think about it all the time. When they cheat, hardly anyone finds out because they know how to hide it well.

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